Seoul Flyers Spring Getaway – Samcheok International Marathon.

Life’s a beach!

 This is what you could have to look forward to. This is Samcheok beach and will be the backdrop for an upcoming Spring trip that we have planned for our Seoul Flyers membership.

Samcheok is located on the east coast of Korea in the province of Gangwon-Do. It is about as far south as you can possibly go before reaching Gyeongsanbuk-Do. The area is famous for it’s beaches, rugged coastline, and plethora of cave systems.

On the weekend of April 7th/8th, we will be heading over to Samcheok to compete in the Samcheok International Marathon. We will spend the weekend in the area and there will be chance to savour the culture as far as its culinary delights are concerned, and there will also be a couple of extra curricular activities to enjoy.

How do you get there?

Given our proud standing in the Korean running community and our sphere of influence we have been gifted FREE transport for the weekend by the event organisers. So departing early on Saturday (7th April) morning, you will transported in comfort from the usual Ichon-dong departure point to our destination. We will also have the bus to take us as a group to the excursions on offer. We will return shortly after a group lunch on Sunday arriving back in Seoul in the evening.

Where will I sleep?

We have found some decent accomodation at the ‘Paradise Hotel’. While we can not promise you that it will be like paradise, we can guarantee that it has a queen-size bed, so you will not be sleeping on the floor, and there is also a TV, and a great view, as the building sits on the coastline facing oceanwards.

What will I do?

After arriving on the Saturday and checking in, you can do whatever your heart desires. Personally, I will be thinking of having some lunch near to the hotel and then checking out the beach. Of course at lot will depend on the weather too. It’s not going to be baking hot, but it could be pleasent, and we can be hopeful of sunny conditions.

Beach Run  – There will be a group going off for a run along the shoreline and/or surrounding area.

Hwanseongul Cave – There will be an excursion also planned for the late afternoon to the nearby limestone cave system of Hwaseongul. It is thought to be one of the biggest caves in the whole of Asia, and is officially Korea’s largest.

Saturday afternoon excursion to Hwanseongul

Dinner – There will be a group dinner together at a pre-determined restaurant. When the Seoul Flyers travel to far flung races, we like to try and experience the local specialities.

Moray Eel Kimchi Soup

Given it’s proximity to the ocean there is a lot of yummy seafood on offer at the port of Samcheok. The local speciality is named Gomchiguk and is a delicious Moray Eel soup made with Kimchi and served with the usual plethora of fabulous side-dishes. The recipe for gomchiguk varies from region to region, but one of the most famous places for the soup is Samcheok. Samcheok gomchiguk is cooked with thoroughly fermented kimchi and has a spicy and refreshing taste. The freshness of the fish is another bonus. Samcheok offers fresh fish caught by fishermen daily. Of course we will ensure that there will also be options on the menu for none fish eaters, and worse case scenario I am sure there will be a Bibimbap to be had.

Sunday morning Yoga Session – This part of the coastline is especially famous for it’s impressive sunrise. On the morning of raceday, why not enjoy some Yoga on the beach as the new day begins. We have an experienced Yoga person (?) on hand to run a short session and have you all bendy and ready to run. So, for those interested don’t forget to bring your Yoga mats with you.


Sunday the 8th will see the Samcheok International Marathon getting underway. There are numerous distances available to you. The event offers the 5km, 10km, Half-Marathon and Full Marathon distances. But here’s the best bit. Once again we have managed to negotiate a fantastic discount for race entry. All races will cost only W20,000 won, and will include all the usual joys of Korean racing, such as – timing chips, bib numbers, medals, certificates, post-race food and the usual entertainment. You also get a choice between a pair of running sunglasses or a running watch as the souvenir. Marvellous! The course is very attractive too, running as it does along the coastal road. So there will be plenty to look at, and enough fresh sea-air to fill the lungs, powering you to an impressive finish time.

Get involved – Register NOW!! Registration closes 8th March. This trip is only open to official Seoul Flyers full members.

Please click on the following link: EVENT DETAILS AND SIGN-UP  to take you to the event page on Facebook. PLEASE read the instructions very carefully regarding the costs incurred and the methods of payment. You can take your own room, or share with another person, but you must pre-determine this yourself (find your own partner!) and ensure you state this clearly in your registration emails. Any further questions then please don’t hesistate to ask.

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